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Ateva® Plastic Materials Supplied by Celanese EVA Performance Polymers

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Ateva® grades listed by most visited data sheets (updated weekly)

Product Classification Availability Features Uses
Ateva® 2803G EVA North America Copolymer Medical Packaging
Ateva® 1820 EVA North America Copolymer Acoustic Barrier; Adhesives; Automotive Applicatio...
Ateva® 1525 EVA North America Copolymer; Food Contact Acceptable; High Flow; Opticals Medical/Healthcare Applications; Radiation Shielding; Tubing
Ateva® 1231 EVA North America Copolymer; Crosslinkable Foam
Ateva® 1030 EVA North America Additive Free; Copolymer Corrugated Pipe; Film; Medical/Healthcare Applicat...
Ateva® 2803A EVA North America Antioxidant; Copolymer Structural Foam
Ateva® 1807EG EVA North America Antioxidant; Copolymer Medical Packaging
Ateva® 1081 EVA North America Copolymer; Good Heat Seal; High Strength Film
Ateva® 1070 EVA North America Copolymer; High Strength; Opticals Foam; Packaging; Tubing
Ateva® 2604A EVA North America Antioxidant; Copolymer; Crosslinkable; Foamable Adhesives; Automotive Applications; Compounding; Foam
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This chart represents weekly data sheet views for the Ateva® product line.

Data and statistics are sourced from the UL IDES materials database that includes Prospector and Data Sheet Services which we provide for global resin manufacturers.